Extensive application possibilities

The IROPRINT additive manufacturing family has all the qualities to be used in a broad range of industries where 3D printing techniques are applied. Scalable for mass manufacturing, the urethane-based elastomers have excellent mechanical properties, an advanced abrasion resistance, elongation and tear strength.

Footwear & sports

The IROPRINT additive manufacturing range was originally created for use in the global footwear and sports industry – where decision makers are fastidious about material quality and performance, and where the use of 3D printing to make both customized and mass manufactured shoes is quickly gathering pace.

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Other industries

The appeal of the innovative IROPRINT 3D printing platform is not limited to the shoe sector. Outside of footwear, the IROPRINT additive manufacturing portfolio will be of interest to companies in other sectors that want to embrace 3D printing.

Flexible, elastic and durable, these novel, urethane-based materials can be used to create industrial components such as seals and gaskets, consumer wearables, and other products that need to possess rubber-like characteristics.

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